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Discover all your Health & Financial Options, we​'ll guide you through it.  FREE CONSULTATIONS

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Health and Financial Services



 Reduce unnecessary taxes with safe and creative strategies.


Always participate in Market Gains.

 Never Participate in Market Losses.

LONG TERM CARE & Lifetime Income

 Strategies for Safety and Security where you no longer "use it or lose it."  Find out how we can customize a financial plan that is the right fit for you.

Customizing your Insurance and Financial Needs is simple at My Health Insurance Shop, with specialized agents who specialize in helping you identify the coverages and plans that work best for you. We provide that personal assistance so your family and your business receive the help and coverage you really need.

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Customized just for you, we try to look at all your options, then you decide.  You should be looking at your financial conditions at the same time, see how to improve your Medicare or Health Plan, your Retirement Plan, and your bottom line.


Health coverage can be expensive, but with the right financial tools we can help you select the right plan for you.  We can also get you on the right track for Safe Investing for your retirement, with confidence and predictability.

Small Businesses

Are you looking for a customized Health Plan or a customized Financial Plan for you and your company?  We can help you navigate both so your financial stability and growth is predictable.

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About Us

At My Health Insurance Shop & Strickland Advisors, we are committed to finding you the best policies and plans for the least cost.  We create customized Financial Plans and Health Plans for each client - customized for your goals and objectives. We have helped thousands of customers select personalized plans with confidence.  Since our founding in 2009, we have offered unparalleled customer support and expert advice. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us for a free consultation. You’ll be surprised to learn what we can offer you and your business.  - John Strickland

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