All About What I Do

I Do Things A Little Bit Different:

Wouldn’t you like to have someone you can actually talk to about your situation, your current coverage, and future options so you can make an informed decision?  Wouldn’t you like to start saving money on your premium today? Would you like to improve your coverage for a bigger network today?  Well, now you can.  By simply calling or texting my cell number, 215-996-9300, you will receive personalized service, and a live person returning your request.

If this sounds like a good plan to you, give John a call or text.  Of course, there’s no obligation. I’ll do my best to save you money,  provide you some guidance, and probably improve your benefits at the same time.  Then I leave the decision up to you.  


About Me


I’m your neighbor, a resident of Bucks County, but helping many people all across the state.  I am passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and being a part of a community that serves others.  I’ve taken this passion and use it in helping others navigate options for better health coverage, designed specifically for them.  I truly enjoy showing you all the options so that you can make the best decision for you, your family or company.

My Expertise

Putting Clients First


  • Licensed for 12 years in Pennsylvania for Health Insurance

  • Licensed in Multiple States

  • Fully staffed with full-time Agents

  • Helped thousands of satisfied clients


  • Licensed and CE Education on an Annual Basis

  • Ethics and Good Business Practice courses taken annually or bi-annually

  • Belonging to Many Business Network Groups in order to be educated about other businesses

  • And I’ll be learning from you as well.  Every time I speak with a client, I’m learning about what might be, or what might not be,  a good working option for someone.

Business Meeting